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Overload Protection suitable for Vehicles up to 8.2 Tonnes GVW

The Limitlite™ Plus is an efficient, simple to use Axle Load Indicator, which has been designed to provide the driver of a vehicle with information to help prevent exceeding their legal weight limit. This covers Front and Rear Axles, as well as Gross Vehicle Weight. Accurate to within the recommended DVSA tolerance, this system has become standard fit for many large fleets around the UK.

Sensors are robust, lightweight, and bolted to the chassis, making use of specialised bracketry and existing chassis holes, so as not to damage structural integrity of the vehicle. We do not use glues, sticky pads or other similar means of application, as these can easily be dislodged over time. Our unique lever spring design ensures that accuracy is maintained for longer than other comparable systems.

The Limitlite™ Plus display provides a percentage value for GVW, showing your driver exactly how close he is to maximum load. Bar graphs give an indication of the load on each axle, and by comparing side by side the driver can see where the load balance of the vehicle is positioned. The intelligent software performs self-tests and will report any faults.

The entire system is manufactured at our premises in the Midlands, where we control quality to the highest ISO9001 standards. We are so confident in this product that as of 1st January 2011, all new fits of Limitlite™ Plus will benefit from a Lifetime Warranty*.

*Terms and Conditions apply; please contact us for more information.

  • Gives Front, Rear and Gross overload warnings (visual and audible), along with Gross percentage figures.
  • In built dynamic display damping to reduce false readings.
  • Remote monitoring of load condition is possible through our VTS link up.
  • Helps to maximise payload when loading your vehicle.
  • Robust heavy duty sensors.
  • Single Axle version available if required.
  • Dedicated aftercare service.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

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