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Red Forge System Types

Guide to Vehicle Weighing

Red Forge System Types:

Axle Load Indication

Basic Overload Protection – designed to give a warning of ‘approaching’ and ‘exceeded’ legal load limits on individual axles and Gross Vehicle Weight. Using spring deflection, it is usually not as accurate as loadcell based systems, but still falls well within the guidelines for DVSA enforcement of overload prosecutions. These are the most common form of system suitable for commercial vehicles.

Axle Load Indication is easily retrofitable, but as with all types of systems does require occasional calibration to ensure it retains the best possible accuracy.

On Board Weighing

On-Board Weighing uses loadcells to measure the weight of the vehicles payload. These provide a linear output giving a measure of the weight that is more accurate than spring deflection. There are various forms of loadcell that can be used to measure the strain in any one given direction, for example under the body of a refuse truck or from a crane head. The Red Forge Omniweigh™ system uses temperature compensated loadcells to prevent drift due to very hot or cold weather, and has Axle Load Prediction (effectively a built in Axle Load Indicator) to prevent overloads.

On-Board systems usually need little or no maintenance, but are fitted directly into the sub frame (or equivalent) of the vehicle, meaning that they are installed by bodyshops (Red Forge also has the facility to offer this service). Retrofitting an On-Board system is more costly as the body has to be lifted in order to carry out the installation.

Class III and IV Certified Systems

Certified systems are required for any form of charge by weight requirements. These systems are similar to On-Board systems in their use of loadcells and installation, but they are tested to a required specific accuracy and repeatability. Please see the advice elsewhere in this guide with regard to certified systems.

We are the UK distributors for Welvaarts, who are a market leading company producing certified weighing systems throughout Europe. Often the certified solution is bespoke to the vehicle is question, and we strongly recommend that you contact us directly in order to discuss your particular requirement.

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