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Fines & Penalties

Guide to Vehicle Weighing

Fines & Penalties:

GFP’s affect your OCRS score, meaning DVSA are more likely to stop and check you time and time again as a non-compliant operator.

In addition, another £100 fixed fine and three penalty points on the driver’s licence can be gained, if DVSA feel the driver is using the vehicle in a dangerous condition, which includes weight position and distribution of the load.

However, DVSA or the police may decide to prosecute, in the case of repeat offenders or for serious overloads, then both the operator and the driver are liable for a fine of up to £ 5,000 per offence. This means that a 3.5T vehicle could have a fine of up to £ 15,000 (one offence for each of front, rear and gross), which could apply to both driver and company separately. A Traffic Commissioner can also take your Operator licence away if they feel you are likely to re-offend, and it is extremely difficult (or very expensive in sub-contract fees) to run a fleet with no ‘O’ Licence!

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