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DVSA Annual Review

The DVSA have released their first annual review, which sets out what they are most proud of during 2016/2017.  There are some staff stories, and the difference they make to road safety, and it also sets out some of the work they plan to do during 2017/2018.

Two stories that are of interest to Red Forge are below:

HGV emissions enforcement

In August 2017 the DVSA will start to carry out roadside checks which target lorry drivers and operators who cheat on vehicle emissions. The crackdown is based on evidence that some drivers and operators are using cheat devices to cut the cost of operating. This enforcement will help make vehicles safer by cutting the amount of harmful pollutants they produce.

DVSA Giving their frontline staff the digital kit they need

Over the coming months the DVSA will be providing their enforcement staff with smartphones. This will make working remotely easier as they’ll have access to more information, like technical guidance and email. They’ll also be able to use the phones to record evidence. And theyr’re developing an app to support enforcement staff in their work. Its functions will include a search facility to access their vehicle databases, and one to check if commercial vehicles have the correct tread patterns on their tyres.


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